Friday, January 13, 2012

Jason and the Cosmonauts

Something I have been playing with, figured i may as well get some fresh eyes on it.


Page One
1. A half moon hangs low along the tree lines.

2. A long stretch of lonely road flanked by thick trees on both sides. A checkered cab drives along in the darkness the only points of light are the Taxi Sign, the head lights, and the stars above.

Page Two

1.The driver, Jason Ward tries to stay awake as he runs his hand across his two day old stubble. He pulls a cigarette from behind his ear and puts it between his lips. Fishing into his work shirt pocket he produces a lighter.

2. In his exhaustion as he goes to light it he fumbles and drops his lighter between his legs.
Jason Ward: "Shit"

3. Jason reaches down

4. Jason's hand grabbing the lighter.

Page Three

1.Jason Sits up and his eyes make contact with a Deer in the middle of the road.
Jason Ward: "SHIT!"

2. Jason pulls the wheel hard to the left and slams on the breaks running off the road and into the dirt andshort grass sending up a cloud of dust. His driver side tire blows out.

3. Jason Gets out of the car. Hes dressed in a work short sleeve shirt and jeans heavy work boots.

4. He inspects the blown tire, looking up he sees the dear leap jump off into the woods.

5.He lifts the lighter to his now slightly bent cigarette and lights it.

Page Four

1. He takes a deep drag and as he breaths out the smoke a few snow flakes begin to fall.
Jason: "Wonderful"

2. Jason reaches into the cab and produces a long sleeve shirt and a knit drivers cap.

3. Jason moves to the back of the car and pops the trunk.

4. Jason sets to changing the tire.

5. Jason closes the trunk. The snow is still lightly falling as he produces another cigarette and lights it.

Page Five

1. (Small long panel at the top of the page) An up shot of Jason shows a HUGE plane looking ball of fire rocketing over head.

2. Jason Watches as the ball of fire cuts a path of destruction through the trees.

Page Six

1. Jason starts to run towards what he thinks is a plane crash.

2. As he approaches the huge crater created from the crash it becomes clear this is no ordinary plane crash.

3. A small small star ship sits badly damaged in the center of the crater.

4. A body partly covered in debris is silhouetted by the burning wreckage.

Page Seven

1. Jason jumps over a fallen tree and moves towards the body.

2. Jason pulls a chunk of metal off the body.

3. He stands mouth open.

4. Laying on the ground before him is no human but an alien being humanoid in shape but its skin the color of evergreen pine. Its eyes are deep orange slits set above a nose less face, its mouth, winder than a human mouth, has rounded white teeth in a deep tongueless black mouth.

5. The Alien being is clad in a one peace flight suite with various pockets and straps reaches out a four fingered hand towards Jason.

Page Six

1. The Alien Being looks at Jason with strange eyes.
Alien Being: (without opening his mouth) "Help me please..."

2. Jason standing aw struck above the Alien
Jason: "Did you just say help me?"
Alien Being: "Please Jason, help me."

3. Jason takes off his jacket and starts to wrap it around the Alien.
Jason : "How the hell do you know my name, how are you doing that, I can here you, inside
my head... this cant be real."
Alien Being: "They are coming, we must leave or they will kill us."

4. Jason lifting the Alien up in his arms.
Jason: "Us, what us, you fell from the sky, the sky is some place I have never been,
there is no us."

5. Close up on Alien Beings face as he is being carried by Jason.
Alien Being: "They will kill you because you have seen me..."

6. Jason carrying the Alien through the woods back towards his cab.
Jason: "Who is this they? More of you Martians folks? I have heard of you ya know, Ive read Burroughs, I know about you Martians, never thought you were real though."

7. Jason sets the Alien in the passenger seat of his cab.
Jason "I have no idea what I am doing Mars Man, I don't know where I am supposed to take you, I wager taking you to a hospital would cause more than a little bit of a commotion."
Alien: "There coming, we must move quickly, I need to contact my ship."

8. Jason getting into the drivers seat.
Jason: "Ship... right, your Martian friends, how do we do that."

Page Seven

1. Jason starts driving down the road the snow has picked up.

2. View from outside the cab looking into the passenger window, the Alien Being lays his head on the window frame.
Alien: "We must get to a high point, with a clear view of the sky, we must hurry, they are close?"

3. Through the windshield showing Jason with his hands on the wheel and the Alien in the passenger seat.
Jason: "Who is close?"
Alien: "The Watchers in the Dark."
Jason: "Well Friend, I make a living getting people where they need to go, you picked the right part of thesky to fall out of."

4. A black car speeds down the road closing in on Jason's cab its head lights blazing in the falling snow.

5. View from behind Jason as he looks into the review mirror. Jason squints his eyes as the head lights of theclosing car reflects off his rear view mirror.

6. Jason holds his hand out the window and waves the car to pass him
Jason: "Come on buddy, if your in that big a hurry go around me."

Page Eight

1. A gloved hand with a white sleeve under a black suite arm out of the passenger window of the black car pulls the trigger on a pistol.

2. From behind the Cab. The back window shatters

3. View from the front of the cab Jason is slightly ducked down and the Alien Being is now sitting up looking over his shoulder towards the black car.
Jason: "What the hell!"
Alien: "The watchers are here, we must escape, if we do not all is lost."
Jason: "Why are they shooting at us?"

4: Alien being close up on his face.
Alien: "They want me, my technology."

5: From outside the driver window looking in on Jason.
Jason: "Not to be rude Mr. Mars Man, but your technology is scattered across half the county, I don't think it is doing anyone much good."
Alien: "I am not from Mars, and they want my knowledge, they want to use it to further there goals."

6: Car picks up speed from outside the car looking in to the front seat.
Jason: "Well right now there shooting at my cab, so I could give a shit less what they want."

Page Nine

1. A bullet shot pops the driver side tire.

2. The cab skids off the road onto the shoulder of the road smacking into a tree.

3. Jason leaned back his face bloody, The Alien Being slumped over the dash.

4. The Black car slows to a stop behind the Cab.

5. The Door opens and a man in a black suite with a fedora steps out as another man in a black suit andfedora gets out of the passenger side.

6. Inside the cab Jason reaches over to help the Alien.
Jason: "Hey, you alright?"

Page Eight

1. The Alien Being is bloody and holding a crazy Jack Kirby looking Disc in his hand.
Alien: "They cant have this, you cant let them have this."

2. Jason Holding the Alien in his arms.
Jason: "Come on, we have to move, there going to be on us soon."
Alien : "I am called Tarn."
: "Nice to meet you Tarn, my name is Jason now come on."
: "To late for me now, You have to take it."

3. Jason is jerked out of the car by one of the Men in Black.

4. View from the ground as Jason is tossed into the gravel on the shoulder of the road, the snow is falling andone of the men in black is looking down on him gun in hand.
Man in Black 1: "Do not move sir."

5. The second man in black drags the Aline Being out of the cab and drops his body to the ground.
Man in Black 2: "It appears to be expired."

6. Man in Black 1 jerks Jason to his knees and holds a gun to the back of his head.
Man in Black 1 : "What did it say to you."

7. Jason with a bloody face smiles his face bloody.
Jason: "He asked me where he could find a nice stiff drink."

8. Man in Black 1 puts the barrel of the gun to the back of Jason's head.
Man in Black 1: "We are not fellows to be trifled with."
Jason: "I was just trying to get the man to where he wanted to go."

Page Nine

1. Man in Black 1 hits Jason harder than it seems a normal man would be able to, it sends him sprawling head over heals into the dirt.

2. Jason props himself up on his arms looking up at the Men in Black.
Man in Black 2: "He knows nothing"
Man in Black 1: "Then he is of no use to us, kill him burn the corps."

3. Jason looks down at his front pants pocket a strange green glow with Kirby Dots growing around it pulses.
Jason: "Uhhh"

4. The Men in Black move towards him.
Man in Black 1: "He has the device."

5. Jason's body bursts with Kirby Dots.

Page Ten

1. The Men in black stand over a chard patch of earth where Jason once was.

2. Man in Black 1 holds up his arm reveling a Dick Tracy style video communicator watch.
Man in Black 1: "The Device is in play."

3. The watch screen is grainy displaying a shadowy humanoid figure.
Shadow : "Who activated it?"

4. The Man in Black 1 speaks into the watch as Man in Black 2 pores gas on the cab.
Man in Black 1: "A cab driver."
Shadow: "Destroy the evidence, return to base."

5. Jason opens his eyes looking up into a large furry face with four small spider like eyes and a huge toothsome scowl.

6. Wide shot of Jason laying on the floor of the deck of a star ship around him sits a crew of aliens the large furry one stands at least eight feet tall looks down on at him a ray gun in its outstretched hand.
Jason : "Uhhh... hello?"


  1. Looks great so far. I was expecting a play on the Greek myth based on the name.