Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Page 3/6 of a scifi anthology story written by Ron Fortier

Unfortunately I've been working really long shifts at work and this page took me a long longer than it should've. Oh well, never mind that, on to page 4 :)


  1. Hey, Jim! Really like this page a lot. Very effective first few panels, where I assume people are being interviewed, and then nice diverse angles for the last few as well. Is the guy entering the bar the same guy that was performing the interviews outside? It seems like he might be, but his "hands" and face are hidden in the previous panels, so its hard to be 100% sure. Even though this took you a while to do, it looks like you're getting more comfortable. Definitely the best page so far.

  2. Thanks Mike, I actually feel like I've been getting worse with each page. The alien in the last panel is not the same alien. he's just a random alien entering the bar as she is about to leave. I wanted a reason for the door to be open to expand upon the environment slightly and an excuse to draw more aliens :)