Thursday, January 12, 2012

Excerpt from the Fantastic Adventures of Charles Darwin.

(1852 / Somewhere North of Freiburg Germany)

The eyes of the old cryptozoologist scanned the dark woods. The local folk stories had brought him to theBlack Forest of Germany, were he hoped to find further proof of the existence of the Seelie Courts of the Fay.
The old woman at the inn had been very specific: if they were to be found, it would be in the old part of the wood, where ancient things still walked between worlds.

The sound of laughter played on the wind as Charles Darwin stepped into the clearing. In the shadow of the ancient trees the old man smiled. The source of the laughter seemed to be coming from three small creatures playing in a small pool of water. Even with his leg wrapped in a hydraulic marriage of steel and steam, Darwin’s movements were like that of a cat. Simple and silent, not a step wasted, he made his way across the clearing, as to not disturb the small creatures. His hand slipped into his waist coat and produced a viewing device, at one point a jewelers loupe, but -much like his hydraulic leg brace- his first mate Nero had a way with machinery. The three small Nixes paid little attention to Darwin, as he made notes in his journal.

The sound of a tree falling startled him. He looked up from his notebook just in time to see the three small winged creatures take flight, a trail of water and light dancing behind them. As he turned to scan the forest around him, he could not help but feel a cold chill wash over the clearing. Had that been the sound of a tree falling, or of something ripping it off the ground? He would not have to wait long for his answer. Across the clearing a dark shape burst though the tree line...


  1. why do i have a feeling that you have really been to germany looking for fey...