Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kuretake No. 8 Fountain Hair Brush Pen

This is my go to drawing utensil.. I have used other brush pens in the past made by other manufacturers (Pentel, Micron) and none have the control that I desired.

I find this pen very responsive and ink flow control is amazing.  I believe that the metal ball in the cartridge really helps maintain a consistent flow and, unlike other comparable pocket brush pens, this brush maintains a constant flow throughout the ink cartridge's life.   Other brush pens tend to get overloaded in the middle of the cartridge's life and tends to bleed or create undesired line widths.  Drawing feathering strokes are also a breeze and do not bleed together.  The brush also maintains its spring and has not frayed with heavy use.  I have inked many comic pages measuring 11X17 inches on smooth and vellum bristol board and this pen has proven its longevity.

Some may find the length of the pen to be a negative trait but I like the size and balance of the pen but for those used to a standard pen size this may take a little getting used to.
All in all I would recommend this pen to the hobbyist and all the way to the professional illustrator.  Its ease of use and responsiveness make it a great pen for all skill levels.
The Gene Colan piece below was inked with the No. 8 Brush pen.

Now go get one!!!


  1. I wish this post was up when I made my order to BluelinePro last night. Maybe next time I'll see if they have it. Guess I'll just stick to my crow quills and sable brush :\

  2. crow quills and sables are great just hard to travel with. I love my 102 crow quill :D

  3. I'm going to have to look into trying one of these. Though I love my sceptre gold II sable brushes :)